Super Kernal Basmati Processed Rice


Moisture Content 13% Max
Chalky Grains 2% Max
Foreign Matter 2% Max
Average Grain Length 7.3mm
Paddy Grain Nill
Broken Grains 1% Max
Under-milled & Red-strip 1% Max
Polishing Grade Double/Pearl Finish/Silky Polished

Good to Know!

Super Kernel Basmati Processed refers to a specific type of Basmati rice that has undergone processing. Here’s some general information about Super Kernel Basmati Processed rice
Basmati rice is a long-grain rice known for its distinct aroma, elongated grains, and delicate flavor. Super Kernel Basmati is a premium variety within the Basmati family.
“Super Kernel Basmati Processed” refers to Basmati rice that has undergone specific post-harvest processing steps. These steps could include cleaning, polishing, and packaging to prepare the rice for consumption.
Super Kernel Basmati rice retains the characteristic long grains that are associated with the Basmati variety. The grains are slender, aromatic, and known for their non-sticky texture after cooking.
Super Kernel Basmati rice is typically considered a high-quality variety due to its visual appeal, aroma, and taste. The processing steps are likely aimed at preserving and enhancing these qualities.
Basmati rice, including Super Kernel Basmati, is known for its separate and fluffy grains after cooking. The rice is popularly used in various rice-based dishes, especially those that require distinct grains.
Processed Super Kernel Basmati rice can be used in a wide range of dishes, from traditional Indian and Pakistani cuisine to international recipes. Its fragrant aroma and delicate flavor can enhance the overall dining experience.
Basmati rice, particularly high-quality varieties like Super Kernel Basmati, is in demand both domestically and internationally. Its popularity spans households, restaurants, and specialty food markets.
Basmati rice holds cultural significance in regions where it is a staple. Its use is often associated with special occasions, celebrations, and festive meals.