Extra Virgin Olive Oil


GPA exports high-quality Olive Oil that is manufactured from the best farms in Cyprus

In order to meet consumer demand for Extra Virgin Olive Oil of the highest quality, GPA is procuring olive oil from Cyprus, a Mediterranean island known for producing Extra Virgin Olive Oil from the region that had the finest crop of the year.

GPA ensures that our olive oil is pure, and we never add oils that are not olive oil, blend old oils to reduce costs, never claim that our oil is from Italy or Spain, and are proud to say that it is Cypriot olive oil produced from locally grown olives. These high and honest quality standards make GPA olive oils different from other commercially available olive oils in the USA, Europe, and the Middle East and bring the originality and taste directly from Cyprus to you with love.

Above all, passion and commitment to quality pushed GPA to ensure that every drop of pure Extra Virgin Olive Oil was cold-extracted (below 79°F) within a few hours of the olives being picked, maintaining the highest nutritional values possible, and proving to be the best quality and taste year after year.

GPA provides superior-grade olive oil that is only produced mechanically and straight from olives.

GPA exports Extra Virgin Olive Oil Bottled (glass) in 250 ml,500 ml, 750 ml and 3 Liters.