1121 White Rice


Moisture Content 13% Max
Chalky Grains 3% Max
Average Grain Length 8.4mm
Foreign Matter 5% Max
Paddy Grain Nill
Broken Grains 2% Max
Under-milled & Red-strip Nill
Polishing Grade Double/Pearl Finish/Silky Polished

Good to Know!

“1121 White Rice” refers to a premium long-grain rice variety known for its unique characteristics and popularity in various culinary applications. Here’s some information about 1121 White Rice

1121 White Rice originated in India and is a result of agricultural research and breeding efforts aimed at developing improved rice varieties with desirable attributes.
The grains of 1121 White Rice are long, slender, and aromatic. They are often compared to basmati rice due to their similar appearance and fragrance. These qualities make 1121 White Rice visually appealing and suitable for various dishes.
1121 White Rice is valued for its non-sticky texture and elongated grains after cooking. The cooked rice remains separate and fluffy, making it an excellent choice for biryanis, pulaos, fried rice, and other rice-based dishes.
Due to its aromatic nature and distinct texture, 1121 White Rice is versatile in culinary applications. It can be used to create both traditional and modern recipes, enhancing the flavor and visual appeal of dishes.
1121 White Rice has gained popularity in both domestic and international markets. Its unique characteristics have led to its adoption in various cuisines around the world.
The premium quality of 1121 White Rice has made it a sought-after export commodity. It is often associated with fine dining, special occasions, and premium rice products.
In regions where rice is a staple food, 1121 White Rice holds cultural and culinary significance. It is often used to prepare celebratory meals and festive dishes.