Super Basmati Brown Rice


Moisture Content 13% Max
Chalky Grains 2% Max
Foreign Matter 0.1% Max
Average Grain Length 7.4mm
Paddy Grain Nill
Broken Grains Nill
Pesticides Free

Good to Know!

Super Basmati Brown Rice refers to a specific type of brown rice that is derived from the Basmati rice variety. Here’s some information about Super Basmati Brown Rice

Super Basmati Brown Rice is a variety of rice that originates from the Basmati rice family. Basmati rice is known for its distinct aroma, long grains, and delicate flavor.
Super Basmati Brown Rice retains the long grains that are characteristic of the Basmati variety. It has a nuttier flavor and chewier texture compared to white Basmati rice.
Brown rice is a whole grain rice variety that retains its bran layer and germ, which are removed during the processing of white rice. This gives brown rice its characteristic color, as well as a higher nutritional content.
Super Basmati Brown Rice is considered a healthier option compared to its white counterpart. It contains more fiber, vitamins, and minerals due to the presence of the bran layer and germ.
Brown rice, including Super Basmati Brown Rice, requires slightly longer cooking times compared to white rice due to the bran layer. It has a firmer texture and a slightly nutty taste.
Super Basmati Brown Rice can be used in a variety of dishes, from savory meals to pilafs and salads. Its nutty flavor complements a range of cuisines.
As consumers seek healthier alternatives, brown rice varieties like Super Basmati Brown Rice have gained popularity. They are often considered a nutritious addition to balanced diets.
Basmati rice holds cultural significance in various regions where it is a staple. The introduction of a brown variety offers an option that aligns with health-conscious choices.